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Artistic Residency

The Artistic Resident Program at The Larking House Theatre Company is a year long in house theatrical residency. This program aims to provide a space for local theatre artists  to exercise their craft through professional collaboration and practical application. Resident artists are ideally dedicated to upholding The Larking House Theatre Company’s mission and values through the work that they produce during their time here.

With this program, we intend to build a family of creatives devoted to making each other better through their individual and mutual artistic endeavors. 


Our artist-centered mission statement and highly driven leadership team create a spectacular environment for artists to gain real world grassroots creative experience. We are constantly looking for new perspectives to help us grow and our residents have the unique opportunity to help us continue to build our company’s reputation in the community on a deeply personal level that you cannot find anywhere else. 

A residency with our company comes with the following benefits:

  • Priority casting in shows for resident actors 

  • Prioritization for resident designers 

  • Access to a private rehearsal space 

  • Prioritization for resident directors to AD/direct a show in our season 

  • Development and production opportunities for playwrights with new work

  • Comp tickets to every show of our season

  • A resident artist stipend for participating in Core & Speakeasy Series productions  

  • A voice in the growth and development of The Larking House Theatre Company 

The minimum requirements to be met in order to be considered for our residency program are as follows:

  • Must reside in the Orange County/Los Angeles region of Southern California

  • Must have the ability to be present at our home base in Anaheim, CA for in-person engagements 

  • Must have at least 2 years of provable experience in Theatre (preferably 2 years of experience in your chosen craft) 

  • *Preferably has participated in at least 1 prior projects/productions with The Larking House Theatre Company.
    This can include ANY level of participation in: Our Playwright’s Intensives, Garage Arena Improv, Speakeasy Series, or any Core Production (i.e. Carmelita Park)


*This is not a mandatory requirement to be considered, however we do aim to

prioritize those who have worked with us in the past. 

We are no longer accepting
Residency Applications for
our 2022/2023 season.

If you'd like to work with us on
an upcoming project,
please send an email to 
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